Thursday, December 8, 2011

Time to visit St Augustine, FL

After our night visit with the Kadey Krogen over the night we headed down to Jacksonville Beach and had a great night at Beach Marina and then it was a quick run to St Augustine.   At Beach Marina they really like the morning they dropped a newspaper right on our net!  Now that is cool....

On the way across the St John's river we decided to give a slightly larger vessel room to get by us.  I do think it was a good idea!

 We have heard great things about St Augustine and it hasn't let us down.  The municipal marina has a large number of mooring balls and they are much further apart than those in Fernandina Beach.  Overall they do a great job with a large dinghy dock, hot showers, a shuttle service to your boat during the day and the town is right at the end of the dock.

St Augustine is the oldest city in the nation (started somewhere in the 1600's and there are many old buildings to see.  It is too bad the cold front came through as it made it hard to get off the boat and at night it went back into the 40's.....burrrrrrrrr!!!   We will just have to come back.

Bridge of Lions

Cobblestone streets

Now this is old!

This is cool!

Older yet!

Tomorrow it looks like we will have a weather wind to go outside and make an overnight run down to Cape Canaveral and then it's down to Melbourne to harass Jean and Tom for a day or so.

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Ann & Dick,

another year is gone and Greyhound and Hi5 haven't met yet. Hi5 returned to our backyard for some needed maintenance and we are off to the southern hemisphere. Cape Horn here we come: will keep you updated on how we avoid Christmas in the White North.

Have a successful 2012 on land and water,
Bettina & Sigi