Friday, May 27, 2011

Can anyone find a little girl in this picture?????

I know Teagan is in there somewhere??!!??!!

The boys are discussing strategy

Evan has been giving me much needed updates on the Annapolis scene. He is much more versed on the "cool" things happening in Nap'town.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting Evan ready for sailing season

First thing is for all crew members on Grey Hound to be able to swim. Well, Anne worked on that today as the weather in Annapolis continues to be fabulous!

Evan is looking really good in his swimming apparel. He is taking to the water like a natural......

Heading north tomorrow............time to harass more family!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Presenting Evan at 6 months

After 1,588 miles of towing GH all over the country we pulled into Annapolis for a few days to see Amy, Jason and Evan. Obviously he is the talk of the party.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Catching up with old friends

OK, so Gulf Breeze is not necessarily a direct route from Port Charlotte but we just had to make a little side trip to see these guys! Doug & Peggy Stein are some of our best friends. We met in 2000 in Ft Walton for Farrier/Corsair Nationals. They sailed on the F 27 "Just Do It" back in the day. In 2004 Doug and I sailed on a C-36, "Gray Goose in the Chicago - Mackinaw Race and had one heck of a good time, even without any wind.

Since then Captain Doug & Peg have been all over the Caribbean and Med working as Captain and first mate on a number of large cruising cats. The latest one, "Ocean's Seven", a Privilege 585 catamaran have most recently been working in the Med over by Croatia. These guys know their stuff when it comes to multihulls........

DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THESE GUYS!!!!!!! We love these Guys, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Current location.....Madison, Fl

Grey Hound loves big parking lots!

On the trailer GH goes

We made it to the dock just before the skies turned very dark and the storm went on through without issue. Afterwards we put GH on the trailer and made a slight modification to the rig......yes, we are now towing a boat and trailer registered in Florida!

Oh, before we forget.....we are getting another new dinghy! Haven't decided on the new name but this is the end of NU-IT! We feel very bad as Nu-it has served us well.

To Little Shark River & Cayo Costa

With no wind to help the crossing our plan for a long sail up the coast was fiction only. We decided to hang in the Little Shark River for the night and it has always provided us with a great sunset. We were not let down this time either.

From there we went to another nice anchorage near Indian Key and then on to Rookery Bay for two more stops before heading to Cayo Costa on a good 51 mile sail up to Charlotte Bay. Again, this stop is one of our favorites and we met some infamous boaters there. They said they were the main representatives of the "Trimarans for Peace" brotherhood. Not sure what their mission statement is but they did have RUM!

A recap of our trip back to Port Charlotte

It's has been pretty much a non-stop affair since we left Lake Worth. We are now on the road, slowly working our way north but it wouldn't be fair to leave out the last part of our adventure for the winter of 2010/11. We met a bunch of nice folks and had a few good sails along the way.

So.......after leaving Key Largo we decided to make it down to Shell Key to enjoy the nice warm, clear water and do some of the last swimming for awhile. The Key has 3 free mooring balls and there was nobody around so we had the place to ourselves. From there it was to Marathon for the last of the provisioning before crossing Florida Bay and up the west coast of Florida. On the way out we spotted a very cool motor vessel. My guess was correct as afterwards we looked her up and she is Steve Dashew's aluminum vessel, "Wind Horse". Very impressive!!!

The crossing of the Bay was much less so ..........see any wind in the pictures?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

All American Boat Storage

We departed Cayo Costa before dawn today in order to beat a cold front coming into the area. We had to motor 26 miles into AABY and we made it with time to spare. Now we are sitting out the storm but we have our sails packed away, the boom is off and most other items complete. With luck we'll have the mast stepped and have GH on the trailer tomorrow if the winds lay down some.

We will do a recap of our trip around the southern tip of Florida ASAP. We've been out of range for a while but it has finally happened.........we are going onto land once again!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Never a dull moment around here!

Most people, we believe still do not know what a trimaran is. Only one of 16 bridge tenders (yep, we had to go through 16 bridge lifts to get to Miami) recognized us as a tri. Many just called us a catamaran and the rest probably didn't care.

Now we don't really think we are too strange. A little? OK. But what about these guys? We spotted the motor tri two different days. Goes by the name of "Jonny Wasabi".

The air boat, "Dragonfly" went passed us during our motor into Blackwater Sound.


Heading south so we can go north??~!!

From Lake Worth we still have to head back to the Keys in order to sail around the end of Florida. Our truck and trailer are still in Port Charlotte so we have a few miles left in this adventure.

After two days of waiting for the east wind to subside we decided to make the best of it and head south on the ICW. It's not the most fun but it got us moving in the right direction. So....for two days we motored towards Miami, past all the mega (very disgusting) mansions along with their corresponding 100+ foot Gucci yachts (bow to stern, all in a row like circus elephants!). Going past Port Everglades we motored right past a couple of cruise liners......"any Grey Poupon up there?"