Thursday, January 29, 2009

A "change of pace".......White Star sail

Today we were invited by Bill Jones to take a sail over to Bahia Honda on his T Gull 25, White Star.  It was a beautiful day and we had way too much work to do but we decided to go anyways!  The wind wasn't cooperating too much but we got to see some more dolphins and had a great time spending some time on someone else's boat.  All we had to do is sit back and relax.....

Bahia Honda has a state park on it and the old roadway is cut to allow sailboats into the small anchorage and marina.  We were last there 14 years ago on the chartered F27, Patriarch.  This time we walked up the old railroad/roadway bridge for pictures and also toured the endangered, Florida Blue butterfly garden......they were cool miniature butterflies and I couldn't get a picture of the little guys.

A quiet night tonight.....another front comes through tomorrow so we'll batten down the hatches once again.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kasidah! Hey You Guys!

We were dinkin' through the anchorage and we came upon this "Bonnie Boat"! Her name is Naramata and she is an Ericsson 36!  Here she is for you!!!!!!!

We're "havin' a Pic 'n' nic!,,, Boo, Boo......

Today we had the nicest morning in a while.  "It"  took us to the beach and the sand was beautiful......after a nice lunch  (sushi) we went to "It" Island.  We decided to name it so because we what do you think?  It has only one tree....

oh ya,   know the tide cause "it" was way up on the beach after the sushi......

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just another Paradise

Today we don't have much to report except for doing boat chores , laundry and a few things at the store..............the day started out really nice but as afternoon came more and more clouds arrived so we didn't make the trip over to the beach. 

Yes, we have another sunset shot here but it's really nice how they celebrate the setting of the sun!  Every night just as the sun goes down the Folks around here blow tribute with conchs and then "Taps"........there is also the sound of the cannon shots!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

A day of making our knowledge greater!

One of our new neighbors, Blue Angel invited us over to tour and to go over their charts of the Bahamas and boy was it worth it.  On top of learning a lot about The Berry's and Abacos I now know what a "real" spear-gun looks like and how to use it.  Now all I have to do is hit something, a fish or lobster I mean and not one of us!! Wish me luck as I think there will be a big learning curve!!!

Jim and Sharon were great in showing us some of their anchorages, fishing spots and in general a good option for a route to take when we go over.  It got both of us excited and we can't wait to go and see this for ourselves.  It just looks so beautiful and ready made for a boat like Grey Hound.  They have only had Blue Angel, an Albin 40 for 2 years now after owning a Bayfield 36 for a long time.  They are from Grand Haven, MI and have the distinction of being a "Looper".  For those of you that do not know what that means, it's a boat that has done a complete loop of....through the Great Lakes, down the rivers from Chicago to the Gulf of Mexico, around Florida and back up to the Great Lakes!!  It's a huge effort and we have heard some wild stories.
This is a picture of their home now.........

We finished off the night on Blue Angel meeting Joe and Mary Beth who are sailing on Pot  O' Gold, from PEI Canada......lots of fun!!  Thanks everyone......

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A town on the water....

Boot Key Harbor is like it's own little community. The mooring fee is $20 a night or $100 a week (that includes pump-out and showers)  which makes it a perfect place to re-provision and catch up with boat chores.  It's really cool to see the lanes of mooring balls lined up like houses on a street but........No lawns to mow!  There's a Tiki Hut for gatherings (Dick went to a info-session on the Bahamas and picked up a couple of tips). The "cruiser's net" is broadcast every morning on Ch 68 and it offers tons of info and gives sailors an opportunity to tell everyone within radio range what they might want to "buy, sell or trade".  They have new bathrooms and showers coming and there is shopping and really good fish markets to be had.  This harbor is Very Cruiser Friendly.

Right now we're having a bit of a giggle...........there's two people motoring around  in a slow and loud dinghy.............they can't find they're boat!   Good Luck, Grasshoppers!!!   :-)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

That's all for now Folks!

Chez Grey Hound

We're still discovering Boot Key and Marathon but we know this is a pretty cool convergence of people who like to do the same thing!  There are so many boats here and so many really nice people to talk to and learn from.  

We enjoyed another beautiful sunset with Jim and Laurie (Kismet) and had a great supper a la Grey Hound!  Kismet is heading out tomorrow and with any luck we'll catch up with them soon!!

ps.  supper tonight was Dijon crusted Lamb with Roasted Red Potatoes and  Parmesan Ceasar Salad.............oh yeah, and for dessert it was..............Bananas Grey Hound!  (like Bananas Foster but different!)

This is a dinghy dock!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Boot Key

We have now been in Boot Key for a night and a day and we are still amazed at what this place is all about.  We didn't get out to do much picture taking but we'll try harder tomorrow.

The dinghy dock is something else....we've have seen many different types of boats and met a number of people.  One dinghy came over to say hi and they were from Sodus Bay.  They said there are boats here from Henderson Harbor, Rochester and the Tanyana next to Kismet just finished a circumnavigation!  The sizes are all varied also....from 24 footers and up.   It is pretty cool to see all the multihulls also.  I promise to do a good job on getting pictures of the coolest ones.

We are going to stay here for a few days and learn the lay of the land.  Tomorrow there is a seminar at the club house on the Bahamas.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Up the Sister Creek....Rut-row!!

We're now sitting in Boot Key Harbor (Marathon) on a mooring ball.  We had a great time with Jim & Laurie and they lead us to the Dockside after a really good supper on Kismet.  We didn't bring our camera  with us so we didn't capture the sunset with all the boats here..   There are 226  mooring balls here and that translates into alot of masts for a really cool picture...........Stand-by, tomorrow we'll have a shot for you if Mother Nature co-operates...

Look out, Yachties!

It was cold today but.......... we decided we were still going south.  Sooo, we put on our pirate gear (Thank you, Chief & Millie) and had to take a picture before we left.........notice the Capt'n Morgan stance and Dick's jacket logo!    Bhwaa, wa ha ha, bhwaa ha ha ha!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Camper!

Dick says'..........Sure beats convention!!!!!

There is beer and then there is BEER!

One thing we have learned is that beer in the Key's is not the cheapest thing you can buy.  Ok, so we go to the corner "rip off" and Corona is $10.99 a six pack and Bud is $20 bucks a 12 pack so I  suck it up and buy Busch!.......well, Tom K feels our pain and  asks Dan Borg to bring down a case of "Blue" and we are happy......Thank You , you Guys!!!!!!!!

That is "Canadian Blue" to all ya'll!

We just turned on Mr. Heater.........Man, It's feeling like the Chesapeake!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This is what a cold sunset looks like....... :-0

The coldest day so far!!!

We know there is NO sympathy but today was the coldest day we've had!   We're still in Long Key Bight and the temp is running in the high 40's for tonight  (not a problem since we've been in the Chesapeake for a very chilly late fall).  Right now we have a stiff  N-NW wind and our pasta meal tonight really hit the spot!!!!  (Thank you Tom & Sue for the provisions you gave us!!!!)  Tomorrow we'll head a little further south for Marathon.

Grey Hound in the Hawk Channel

Monday, January 19, 2009

Heading South.........out of the Upper Keys

After a fabulous time with family and friends we are now heading south..............

Position      N24 49.753'    W80 48.325'    See if you can find us...........there's more rum to come......(must check in for your prize on the blog!)

OK, I have to ask.........

Is this my brother's evil twin brother?!?!? ;-)

After racing.............

We went back to Tom and Sue's room's to strategize....(OK, celebrate)... . and then had a great time  at Chilly Willies for grub and football........shoot Philly lost..... but somehow we managed to get over it!  

It was a fun change of pace seeing our old Hobie friends and meeting so many new friends!!!!!

Tradewinds Regatta is now in the record books.

Well, in the 2 days of racing the race committee was able to pull off 7 races,  which is really a good amount of races for a weekend event.  After a windy Saturday,  Sunday's wind came in light and shifty which gave the day a little more tactical twist.   In the H16 Fleet in first place was Tom & Erika Korz (my brother and his daughter),  second place went to our friend Dan Borg and crew Laura,  and in third place Hen Hilk and Sue Korz (Tom's wife) .  They all sailed great and we had a lot of fun watching the races from Grey Hound. 

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A good first day for the Hobie sailors

Yesterday saw fairly decent wind for the sailors on the Hobie's and there were even a few that decided to clean their mast in the nice salt water!  We haven't seen the standings but we believe:
Ken and Susan - 2 bullets
Tom and Erika - 1 bullet
Dan Borg and Laura - 1 bullet

Last night we all went down the the Island Grill for some great seafood!

Friday, January 16, 2009

and then.....

 We're sitting in Grey Hound's cockpit and................this manatee just comes and hangs with us.....
We could have reached down and touched it!!!!!!!!!

It's a Family Affair!

Right now we're  sitting at the dock at Plantation Yacht Harbor,  snugged in really good.(the wind is pretty strong---20-25 kn but life is good!)   Erika and Tom and Sue are here and Jean and Tom just pulled in a little while ago ............  they're my brothers  and sisters.........It's really fun to be here with all the gang!!!!!!! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Life on the hook keeps you on your toes!!!!   The forecasted cold front came through last night which meant a 180 degree shift.......GOOD Spade anchor!...Grey Hound held fast.  The front came through pretty strong (25-35 kn) ............we were just finished with supper and I was posting on the blog and Dick said "Do you think that boat is dragging?!?"  I said "YES!"   From there things went from an easy evening to......Get the horns.....and the lights, turn on the engine,  get the computer down below and by the way blow out the a 40 ft cabin cruiser was dragging down on Grey Hound!   Heck, that thing looked like the our garage drifting down on us!
But in the usual Grey Hound fashion she swung and responded to the wind and we watched the cabin cruiser drift by.  We don't know if the Captain heard our horns or saw our lights but they did wake up and reset BEHIND US!!!!  Thank You, Neptune!!

ps.... also thank you Cooper Canvas (as we wouldn't been up top for as long as we were if we didn't have the dodger!)

ps2.........Jim S, this is for you!

More tests to come!

Arline was the first to post to the blog but Bob O  (being a new dad and all) was up at 11:59pm last night....

Now we will have to find some tough questions!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Quiz for today.........

OK mariners,  our position is N25 07.935'   W80 25.994'    Where are we now??  The first one with the right answer gets a shot of Don Q!   :->

We left Kismet today because a  cold front is moving into the area.  We were going to hang out for another day but with strong westerlies shifting to northerlies we decided it was better to go our separate ways and catch up with each other in a week or so in Marathon.

Meanwhile back at the ranch (Grey Hound), we are sitting exactly were those co-ordinates are.    ;-)   We're waiting for Tom, Sue and Erika K and Jean and Tom A.   The K's are coming down for the Tradewinds Regatta and  with any luck Tom A will be able to give Dick some (a lot of) pointers on catching fish!

Today we had a very pleasant downwind sail (24 nm ) under headsail and are now tucked in safe and sound.  

As usual we had another gourmet meal.......... this time prepared by Le Chef D`eek and as
 you will see in the picture ............he is already practicing for the internationally known holiday......exclusively celebrated on Binnacle Island ..........observed sometime during the last week of each August................It is....................HIKE  'EM UP DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh, What a day!!

We really pegged the "fun meter" today!....... With Jim & Laurie (Kismet) and we tried to do the tour of Lignumvitae Key..........but we had the wrong timing and there no Ranger to take us on the island...........(they don't want people walking the trails unguided) we went to plan B.  We took Grey Hound to Islamorada.....i.e. the Lori-Lei for lunch and went for some very necessary provisions............We sailed back to the anchorage and "Kissy" was waiting patiently..........and then had a good tappas dinner and cocktails on Grey Hound!    What a fun day!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

More from CNY

We met Phil and Karen  in a 26 ft Sea Ray.........I looked at the boat and noticed the NY numbers.........we dinked over and they're originally from B'ville and live on the Sea Ray here in the winter and go back to Cayuga Lake to summer on they're 36 ft cabin cruiser.....  Amazing!  We've met more people from CNY here than we could have ever thought!

Also as we dinked back from the Lor-i Lei  we saw this really beautiful motor yacht (1926) and got to talking with them and found Hermione also has CNY roots!  It's a small world!!!!

Life is good! Kismet is here!!

We had a beautiful night on the hook...........I woke up sometime in the middle of the night and I couldn't believe how still it was.   The moon was so bright that I could see the clouds reflecting in the water.........and  I could hear big fish jumping and what I thought to be dolphins....... REALLY jumping for dinner!   I tried to take some pix but .........just didn't have enough light!

But, in the meantime  our friends, Jim & Laurie came in with Kismet......more lovingly called "Kissy" and we had a great time at dinner ........ we are looking forward to spending more time with them.  Another tough day in the Tropics!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Full moon is a rising!

We decided not to bore you with another "perfect" sunset this evening, even if it was another beauty.........instead, right after the sun went down we looked around and this moon rise was coming over the island.

Now if only Bob can figure out how to send me a cold Blue through Skype I know we'd be sitting really pretty!!

An early morning departure

As luck would have it, the wind shifted from the forecasted light east to a more northeasterly direction.  Sooo we had a pretty bumpy night.   Needless to say we were both up early waiting for daybreak so we could make tracks!  Although we didn't get a ton of good sleep we saw the most spectacular sunrise to have our coffee with! 

Friday, January 9, 2009

So, after we were all secure....

We celebrated with Grey Hound, Neptune and all our friends!!!

Thanks Jim.......14 Years ago we got this bottle!!!!!!!!!!

Indian Key...

WOW,  what a fabulous sail we had today!!!!    Grey Hound had a bone in her teeth!!!!!  We sailed down through the Straits of Florida  from Largo Sound past Alligator Reef.....just 34 nm but we raised mainsail at noon and we were here at 3:30........that's  tied up and sitting pretty!!  Just wish I had the words to describe how the helm felt and how beautiful Grey Hound is!  We have a short video of our sail (will download soon)...... 

We came to Indian Key because they say this is where the pirates used to come........and we are here now !!!!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 2 in Largo Sound

We had a good day in the Sound and it is just really nice to visit the park and the surrounding area.  Another coursing with our dolphin tonight and the moon is getting  better and better.  Tomorrow we head south and back to the Bay side to meet up with Kismet and the Roxy crew next week.

Stay tuned.......good night!

Grey Hound had some guests this morining

We had a cold front blow through last night but that is one of the reasons why we decided to come into Largo Sound at this time.  Good mooring with protection from the west and NW.  It was cool when we got up but it's getting nice again so we're happy.

When I got up and looked out the ports I found that we had guests on the port float.  The guys are Ruddy Turnstones and I guess they thought Grey Hound's snow white paint looked like their summer habitat which is in the high Arctic tundra.  Now we have a tundra and it's white but that is in Melbourne so theses guys are mixed up!  Early this morning before sunrise we kept hearing a strange noise we couldn't ID it but now we think the noise came these guys.......