Saturday, June 26, 2010

Grey Hound is in the water.....

This past week we were finally able to splash GH in Little Sodus Bay. Before we had to go back to Syracuse for the weekend most of the work to get her into sailing condition were completed. Now all we have to do is the fine tuning to get out on the lake.

With a little luck we can get our first sail for the summer .............keep the fingers crossed.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The first test of the new wall........SUCCESS!

Winds were from the south at 15+ kts with gusts to 25 knots.

Placing the wall

It took a a week or so but the break walls were put in their proper place and the results have been very good. The fishing boats have not waken us up yet but I'm sure they will continue to try harder.

Improvements at Fair Point

Not to long ago we were here working on GH when we got the good news that the cement break walls from Oswego were coming into the harbor! With camera Jon & I jumped into the 4-wheeler and met them coming into the channel.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Open houses are a pain in the butt, but......

So far we have held two open houses and we have had a few interested parties. No real bites yet but I think we are getting closer to being homeless in NY!

Grey Hound is still not in the water as we have spent a lot of time on Avery Ave. and it's an everyday event to keep the townhome "perfect" for viewing. We do have 3 coats of polish on her and she is shining pretty nice!

And then you throw in the "Bob - Steph & Teagan move.........well, there just isn't much time left in the day. Pictures of their beautiful new home forthcoming. We left the camera at the house.