Monday, June 29, 2009

A little bit of luck....

It is going to be a wet and unsettled week in Fair Haven but we had a good day today so Anne has proclaimed after today's waxing that Grey Hound is officially " de-salted!"  She looks just like she did before we did the 6 months in salt water............which means "lets go back and do it again!"

We had a few storms come through right at dinner but we got the lamb cooked between storms.   Now our mantra is:  Come on Mack Sail.............we need sails.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Now this is what you do for entertainment in the north!

Because the weather has been so lousy of late we have decided to start staring into the launch pit and wondering what we can find.  Then Arline decided that instead of just looking, why not get involved.....

Now remember the water isn't too warm up here yet but she is practicing to be an expert at diving for cell phones, so we have to give her credit.....

Victor now owes her some vino for the turnbuckle she pulled from the grimy deep.......

Tim, No worries here!!!.....enjoy Italy........Chow baby!  ;-)

Finally.......we're in!

After a long 6 weeks of cleaning and polishing we were able to get GH in the water last Friday during a brief spell in all the rain we've been having.  All went well and our boat is back on "A" dock for the season.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In the meantime.....a little different type of speed!

Anne and I went for a little boat ride to Connelly's Cove last night for dinner with John & Connie.  Their new 27 footer scooted right along.....if you call 52mph scooting!!

A good night was had by all and we got our first boat ride on Lake Ontario for 2009.  And yes, it is still pretty cool on the lake when you are going that fast!!

Slow ....but sure....we'll be in the water yet!

The last month has been a real test for the crew of Grey Hound.  Between my sore back and all the work at the house and on Grey Hound, it's taken longer to get things in gear for launching.  But....on  the other hand it has been very cool and wet.  The lake is finally above 50 degrees so maybe there is hope yet.

The bottom is done and most of the other chores have been completed.   If old man weather cooperates we will get GH wet very soon.