Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Everyone who's "in" is at Binnacle!

Bob & Steph rented Binnacle Island on 8/23 for the week so we're all mostly there.  We miss Amy and Jason but they can only make the trek up north so many times in a season.  Next year you guys!!

So far we have had a whole bunch of folks on the island; Patrice, Kim & we cannot forget Henri (aka: "Super Hank"), Marty, Cathy, Jackson, the Chief) with the latest being Jim, Holly and Max. Since the original post we've also had Jeff, Cathy, Don, Mary, Larry, Carol and a couple of Montreal power squadron guys show up for a good time.

More pictures of the adventures will be posted when we have a few minutes to stay online.  I'm typing from the Gan marina and somehow i got online without a password.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

We're Home!!!

We pulled into Fair Point this afternoon around 2:30pm or so.........and it sure feels great to be back home!!  Jerry was there to great us and the marina was a sight for sore eyes.....good 'ol GHP (the truck) did fantastic and all told we put over 2,100 on the vehicle......and Grey Hound put another 732 nm under her!   We had a great time in the North Channel and the race but now we're looking forward to our annual trip to Binnacle Island (in the 1000 Islands) and the coming of our first grandchild!   We don't have any follow up pictures as of yet (still need to charge the camera) but we'll get the "old fashioned" camera downloaded to a disk and have more for you then, Folks............but in the meantime check out our home port at                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Grey Hound is sitting on the trailer in clear view of the web cam........... just check out the whole site.....these guys have it together!       

Friday, August 8, 2008

Another Great Lakes Light House

Strawberry Island Light House...............established 1881.............a series of Georgian Bay lighthouses...............structure is wood frame and the light is now solar owned and maintained by private owners

Raggetty Annie, Raggetty Annie, Reggetty Annie...........

To Innisfree & Otium!

We found Raggety Annie!

To Baie Fine, Beaver Island Harbor and back again....

Well we are back in communication again after a few days in the back country.  We've had some good sailing in good wind and flat seas and made a few mono's unhappy.....oh well.

The camera bit the dust so we're without an easy way to take some pictures.  We had Alley J (a Bruce Roberts  40' steel sloop) give us a disposible camera so we have some pictures of The Pool, Topaz Lake and others places we'll have to post later.....

We found "Lucky Rock" again and we now know it's good for east winds along with west wind.  Otium and Innisfree.....both you guys can get in there as we had 8' of depth where we were.  The Pool was good and we missed a few t-storms over the last couple of they make big thunder up here!

Beaver Island Harbor was very nice......we saw/heard many Loons, had one eagle fly right over Grey Hound and saw a nice big buck on the island........not to mention 15 Sand Hill Cranes fly right over the boat.  the last time we saw them just happens to be in Utah.....remember Amy?

The pictures show the entrance to Baie Fine.....very cool looking and you have to pay attention or else......

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Monday is only a few hours away....

We hope to get up early enough to get to the cruisers radio net up at the Anchor Bar & Grill in the morning.....then we finish off provisioning and head east.

We've had a great time in the town and there were a lot of folks around and the energy level was high......what fun!  We even had " Brian" from "Down Under" come over to the boat as we had the Boxing Kangaroo flying for the day.  He had some good things to say about the boat for sure.  We told him that since Ian and Jill sent us the flag along with being festive.......we just had to fly her in Little Current......and he was thrilled about it, proclaiming us honorary Aussies!!!!

Cheers Mate.....

The final night of Haweater's weekend!

Ok, Haweaters is...... from the fruit of the Hawthorne bush, which has berries on it and the locals of the area make jams and jellies from it and generally enjoy the fruit from the berries.  Haweater's Weekend celebrates the "coming back" to Manitoulin Island for all the people that have moved to other places.  This is essentially a big family reunion for them. 

Tonight we had a beautiful night and before the sunset we tried to get food at the local restaurants and one place was out of food and the other had a waiting we walked down the street and found a vendor on a cart selling Jamaican jerk chicken and rice so we brought it back to Grey Hound and had a great meal just before sunset......PERFECT!

Next, the boat parade and the fireworks right across the cut from us so we had the best seat in the house.....another very nice night was had!!

Little Current, Manitoulin Island

Right now we are at the town dock...........this is a holiday weekend in Canada and the people here are celebrating Haweaters far we've seen an antique car show, parade and are looking forward to the fire works tonight..............

South Benjamin Island

Arrived at the South Benjamin anchorage Thursday after a 20 mile sail and a motor through Little Detroit Cut...........Man, that cut is narrow!!!and requires a security call befor you enter.......especially when you have the beam Grey Hound has!

The scenery was great and the blueberry picking was even Better!

Long Point Cove

Well we've covered some ground (or should I say water)  since Monday.  From Blind River we sailed west 28 miles to Long Point Cove and spent 2 nights there. Where we had a very nice happy hour with Glen & Elsa of Windara ( J-46) and Tom & Mary of Intangible (Tartan 37).  Both boats did the Mac race and we had a lot of fun reliving race stories.  

The anchorage is very protected and we were able to get into the inside cove a have the spot all to ourselves.  The second day there we met Randy & Audrey of Heart Tug (Nordic Tug 45) and got talking about trawlers and come to find out they have attended "Trawler Fest" and had great things to say about it..........we told them Amy was the gal running the show for them and they they knew right away who she was..........Talk about small world stuff!!!!!!