Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not too bad, huh???!!

Let the party begin!!!!

We have started to get more folks show up at the Island.  Yesterday Amy, Jason, Evan (for his first Binnacle trip) and the Chief showed up.  The parking is getting a little tighter but somehow we'll figure out what will work the best.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Yesterday we pulled up to Binnacle for a week of fun in the sun.......well, not yet as Hurricane Irene is going up the coast and we will get a bunch of rain and wind today.

As of this moment we have:
- Teagan
- Bob
- Steph
- Jackson
- Marty
- Kathy
- Anne
- The most interesting man

Stand by for pictures and further updates as we progress through the week!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Plenty of other life also.....

On top of the most bugs we have EVER seen there have also been some nice views of some our animal friends....Eagles, ospreys, minks (not sure if it was Marty's mink), loons and deer have been around.  

The little black snakes at Thurso we could do without but first I have to research what the darn things were....

And then there were more...................

From Simcoe Island we did our first sail to Waupoos and yep......we found some "Cheese heads" from Wisconsin!  Good ole "Buddy" motored around the point and right into the anchorage.  These guys launched from Picton a couple of days prior and some friends there.  From there we eventually met up with them again by Mulcaster Island just in time for another t-storm.  Unknowingly, we sent them down river right into Pirates Weekend at A-Bay!!  Hope they survived....

While at Mulcaster we also met up with our good old friend Les on Cadenzza II.  Anne's shortbread is still something to savor!!  I can't forget Les's soda bread either.  I wasn't able to steal the new loaf in the cockpit.......

Holy Cow!! Where did all the people come from?

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of moving from anchorage to anchorage and seeing many friends that have made it to the "river" this year.  First Tim and Marie christened their new boat, "He Macaria" at Clayton.  They then took it down to Oneida Lake for some local sailing.

Tom & Sue came up for a long weekend and we rendezvoused with "Tenacious".  On one of the days the wind came up enough to do a circuit of the islands around Grindstone Island.  All hands were on deck for the sunny sail.

Then, yes Jim, we found the Northern Frontier "monitor of all things" and he resides on Otium!!!  The picture has found him wandering to all the boat at our Simcoe Island anchorage.  The legend lives on in the north!!!