Monday, August 23, 2010

Going....going.....almost gone!

Innisfree - Innisfree - Innisfree.......Grey Hound

We decided to make the trip a little longer coming back from Annapolis and we made it to Mike & Cathy's beautiful winter home.

Guess what? Nobody was there but we did decide to hang on the porch for a minute!

Next time you guys will want to be there..........I couldn't get to the beer tent with Jack.

Off to Nap-town and beyond

We have been past due in going down to Annapolis to see Amy and Jason so we bolted out on Friday and had a great weekend. Yes, Amy is 3 months from having our second grand-child......she sure looks great! Just like her Mom. Jason is not bad either but then again I'm partial!!!

We did some boating as Jason was having the summer-end instructor regatta at the Annapolis Sailing School and we got to go on the committee boat (I guess we were the committee). FUN!

Trip 2 for summer 2010

We have had one other chance to get away for a week and we split it between Waupoos and Wellington. We got a chance to see Otium for a couple of days before Jeff and Cathy headed back to Sackets Harbor and have the stop that work stuff you guys! ;-) The week went by too fast but we love the blue water in was very hard to stay out of the water.

The shovel is gone!

After our two weeks out we had to concentrate on getting rid of stuff!

1 garage sale
5 trips to Rescue Mission
2 trips to Bob & Steph's to drop good stuff off

Results......a lot less stuff!

Roxy shows up in Waupoos!

After Kingston we had a slow sail over to Waupoos and decided to anchor on the east side of the island because they (weather guessers) were forecasting thunder-storms. Roxy (F31R) and Bon Renee (F27) showed up and we figured we were in good shape.......WRONG!

The storm went north of us, took a right turn to the south and pinned us on a lee shore! Good thing for anchoring well and for a big Spade anchor. We all held but it was quite a sight as you can see.

After the storm went by we had a good happy hour/dinner on Grey Hound before heading south the next day.

40 Acres......less than one hour!

When we headed out of the islands we had a chance to go across 40 acres (the Canadian Middle Channel, St Lawrence River) in fine form!!! The attached video gives a little clue of our nicest sail of the summer. It was a lot of fun!

Kingston Marina

After the islands we sailed towards Kingston and decided to try the Kingston Marina. It's a full working marina and the crane they have was actually one of the units that was on a barge building the St Lawrence dams. Right now it's good for 75 Tons and it's huge! The marina also builds some great looking aluminum work boats and fire boats. There was one scheduled for Jacksonville, Fl just about finished.

The marina has some unique features but it's pretty cool......

After our stay in Cape Vincent...a little more sailing fun

From Cape Vincent we went down river to Clayton, still trying to find the Chief & Mom. Finally we find out that their cell phone went for a more holsters Dad!!

We saw a lot of friends in Clayton, had dinner with the parents and got a chance to clean GH on the south side of Picton Island.

She and Anne are looking pretty good!!

We's been a little busy!

First, the internet reception at the townhouse stinks so we didn't try to do much there......

Second, for every waking hour we have been either moving something or cleaning it....

Third, our days have pretty much been non-sailing related lately and nobody wants to hear about that .....BUT.....