Monday, November 22, 2010


We folded one float on the mooring ball, slipped the ball and motored toward the launch but still we were too wide for the opening. Sooooo, in came the other float and to the trailer we went. We were even able to give GH a fresh water bath at the launch.

Oh yeah, thought you'd get a chuckle from the sign at the launch. Holiday Hill's web page states they are "multihull friendly" and "boats must have mufflers"!! We will definitely be looking up this marina for 2011!

A couple more weeks and we'll be headed for Florida!!

Systems that work!!

In the last six years we've prepared to de-rig Grey Hound in many different ways......... this weekend however we used everyone of the amazing abilities of a Farrier folding tri!! Now remember she is 33ft long, with a bow sprit and a big mast!!

We started by: Taking the mast down on the mooring ball. Notice the sails and boom etc are still on board.

A new twist to retrieval.........

Over the weekend it was time to get GH on the trailer. We've been keeping the truck and trailer at Holiday Hill Marina in Edgewater, Md. It's a very nice facilty with a boat launch, mooring balls, and some end docks for us multihull kind of guys. The location worked out perfectly while we were busy with all the fun stuff that centered around Evan, Amy & Jason!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A harbinger to a very chilly night


We had to leave the regatta around 3 o'clock for a very slow sail back to where our truck and trailer are. Man, this Daylight Savings Time sure cramps our style! Here's a shot of Thomas Point Lighthouse with the sun on it's way down.

Go Crimson!!!

We sailed to Annapolis yesterday to the Atlantic Coast Intercollegiate Sailing Championship. Our niece Marie is on the Harvard sailing team and they were competing! There were 18 collegiate teams there and Harvard was holding their own in 4th or 5th place when we were there. Unfortunately it was very light wind and the "light air" teams were sailing so Marie was cheering her teammates on from shore. Marie's forte is big wind!!! ....... just like the rest of her family!! As I like to say "THAT'S MY GIRL"!!!!!!! Oh yeah, one more brag from a very proud aunt and uncle........ she's on track for straight A's this semester as a junior!! Way to go, Rie!

The dynamic duo..........

One of these days we're going to go into segment of what Really works but for now here are a real go-to pair for staying warm on cool fall mornings and evenings. It's Mr Heater and O2Cool. Mr Heater brings on the warmth and O2Cool does the circulating!! Oh yeah, O2Cool also works very well in hot weather.......... when we have heat again ;-)


It's getting colder!!!! Up until now we've been pretty lucky with the temperatures during the day but it's definitely getting colder at night. We're waking up to frost on the deck now and the water is a balmy 48F degrees. Now there are plusses and minuses to this..............on the plus side we've set a new record for keeping a block of ice..( 9 days, Aussies really know how to insulate an "eskie"). On the minus side our lowest temperature in the morning has been 37F degrees and a very slippery deck!! Yes, that's frost on the bow! How's that for being "Glass half full" kind of folks???

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Evan James Pinter!!!!

At 3:15 this afternoon Evan James was born! He weighed in at 7 pounds even and is 19 3/4 inches long. Mama and Evan are doing just fine and he is a beautiful, healthy boy! They make a very happy picture!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

more Elf.......

She's just too nice not to appreciate!!! Here are some pix of her tiller and bow sprit/ figurehead. Rick carved them himself and even added a little "bite" to her figurehead. Yup, those are teeth she has and she has the bite to back it up!!! Thank you Rick & Cali for welcoming us aboard!

The oldest known small yacht in America!

After visiting with Amy & Jason we decided to check out the Annapolis side of Spa Creek and happened upon ELF. The sailing yacht was designed for William Wilkinson and built by George Lawley of George Lawley & Son, from Boston in 1888.

During the 60's she fell on hard times but in 1971 was purchased by Rick Carrion. He then founded the Classic Yacht Restoration Guild and donated ELF to the nonprofit organization hoping to preserve and restore the vessel. In 1991 the restoration of ELF began and without any line drawings but with surviving photographs from glass plates negative she slowly dismantled and the brought back to her original condition.

In 2008 ELF she came out of the shed fully restored to her original condition and she can be found sailing around the Chesapeake all year long. We hope she will continue to carry the tradition of American yachting for another 100 years!

A real beauty you think??!!

Annapolis versus MRE Tug 'O War

Yesterday was the traditional Tug 'o War across Spa Creek between the people of Annapolis and the people of "the Maritime Republic of Eastport". It's a yearly event that involves a "pull" across Spa Creek. The ingredients are a 1700 foot line at a cost of $25,000 and alot of effort from the competing teams. What a great time it is!! The weather was chilly but that didn't seem to bother anyone. There were bands playing, foods being served, teams pulling, people cheering and the crowd was into it! We went with Amy, Jason & Tyler (J's nephew) Yup, Amy's still hanging in there even though she is just a few days from her due date! But we were having such a good time we didn't get any pix. We'll try to do better next year!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Heading west....

We woke to a very cool morning and decided that because of the forecast for the next few days it was time to move to the west shore of the Bay. In order to have the facilities of Annapolis during the end of the week we grabbed a mooring in Spa Creek. We plan on heading down to Holiday Hill soon.

Today was the day of lighthouses. One is right as you enter the Wye River and the other is for "Bloody Point"........and it's even red!

Heading north ........the long way!

November has come at last and we want to make sure we are close to Annapolis for Amy. In order to get a little closer we decide to head to the Wye River area since it's not far from Kent Island and a little more north.

So.....we sailed downwind out of San Doming Creek across the Choptank and around Walnut Point instead of going through Knapp's Narrows. It was only a few more miles and then we could have a full day of sailing.......yep, we sure did!

The Chesapeake is supposed to have great sailing in the fall with steady winds and warm water. Yes, the water isn't too cold yet but we would like to put our order in for some steady breeze. On this day it was all over the place and almost always from the direction we didn't want! The bottom line is that as the "crow flies" we moved north about 7 miles. The sail which took all afternoon stretched out to 49 miles! We pulled into Bigwood Cove just as the sun dipped over the trees. The next morning showed how beautiful the cove is.

Monday, November 1, 2010