Friday, September 23, 2011

Will it ever stop raining in Annapolis???????!!!!!!

Jason said they have something like 250% of the normal rainfall right now and it is suppose to rain most of the weekend yet again.

So...........we are hanging out with Evan and stand and look at GH sitting on her trailer.

We should be able to get her in the water early next week.  Kismet wants to take a walkabout before the Boat Show.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Time to hit the road.........

Grey Hound is clean again and back in the driveway.  Today we went to the "Center for Play" with Teagan.  A whole complex set only for playing.  Now that is right up our ally!!

And you want what when???

Mr Potato Head I presume???!!!

Next stop......Annapolis, MD.  Time to harass Evan.........and get back in the water!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back in Honeoye Falls.....

Goodbye Clayton, goodbye 1,000 Islands and hopefully goodbye cold snow!

A few days playing with Teagan and cleaning up GH and we'll be heading south.  Grey Hound is plenty dirty and has spiders everywhere so the work is set up for the week.

More action coming soon,..............

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cruising with Dream Chaser....

Right after our week on Binnacle, Marty & Kathy, on board Dream Chaser, F-24, mk2 and Grey Hound took a little sail around the 1,000 Islands, the whole time being chased by wind and rain.  We tried our best to hide and we mainly had cool weather and enough wind to keep us busy.

Day one was to Mulcaster Island where we had a nice anchorage for the night and good steak dinner on board Grey Hound, thank you Dream Chaser........until the rain sent us to bed.  Then it was off to Kingston for hot showers, good food at the Brew Pub.  Confederation Basin was almost empty.  Only us and a little m/v named ZIGGY!

We had to ask......and sure enough, when we were sailing around Key Biscayne last winter these guys were on the radio a number of times hailing various marinas and clubs!!  We're betting we will find them again at Annapolis later this fall.  They are so lucky to have GH and a neighbor!!

Nice sails on Dream Chaser!

Confederation Basin

From Kingston we decided to head back to Clayton and Dream Chaser slid up on her trailer and headed to Butler and WBUT Radio!!

A couple of more shots

Fun in the pool!!

Cool Hand Luke??!!

The mighty ship Grey Feather

Some pictures of Binnacle Island

Binnacle's own pirate!!

More trouble coming our way!!

Another gourmet dinner!

Watch out for those teeth Jason!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Binnacle 2011 - Another Success!

What looked like a bleak week weather wise actually didn't turn out too bad.  We had some good winds from Irene but all the boats were well secure and no problems occurred.

By Monday the people started coming and once again we invented new ways to raft the boats off the docks.  Teagan and Evan had lots of fun (Evan told me so Amy & Jason) and I do believe Teagan would like to be on vacation all the time!

Pictures will follow when we have a good connection.......

Thanks everyone for coming!!!!!!!