Saturday, May 30, 2009

It is NOT summer yet!

Over the last week we have slowly started to clean and wax but it's been a slow go.  The weather has been cold and wet, very lousy for boat maintenance.  I will have to take a picture of the beautiful shade of gray we have.  I believe Jill K. would call this "cold dark/wet gray"!

The mast is inspected & cleaned and we have the rudder cleaned along with the daggerboard off the boat for cleaning and painting.  We hope to spread GH out on the trailer today but the wind is howling right now so we'll see.

Sure glad to be back in central NY!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back in Central New York

We pulled out of Tom & Jean's home Tuesday afternoon and jumped right onto I95 for the trip to Liverpool.  We arrived at Fern Hollow Thursday evening after a leisurely drive up and "GHP" had no problems towing Grey Hound.  We didn't drive into the evening for the first two days because of big storm threats but things worked out fine.  It's nice to feel comfortable towing our boat at this time.  Right now we have almost 5,000 road miles on top of the +7,000 miles on the water.

We'll be doing the "fresh water bath" routine for the next couple of weeks at our summer home, Fair Point Marina.  The folks up there are so nice and felt good just pulling Grey Hound into the yard.

Stand by for further updates..........

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Smiling at Arnault Lane!!

Tom & Jean

Thank you so much!!!!


A really comfy place to sit and have a cold frosty one in the pool...........complete with  a bar and stools!!!    


If you get hot while getting things ready to go down the road there's always a way to cool off!

What a place to store our truck and trailer!!!!

A great big "Thank You!" to my sister Jean and Tom for storing /looking after our land stuff.......Take a look at the ultimate storage facility!!!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Melbourne now

Grey Hound has taken us full circle now.  We have 1144 nm in Florida and 7,099 total in the time we have had her.   Grey Hound has always been the strongest link in our that we have a taste of what she can do,  We want to do More!!!!  

This has been a great experience!!!!!!!  We'll be back on the trailer soon.

Signing off for now................

This Am!

We're so close to going north..............  We got up to see the sunrise .............listen to the quiet and feel the warmth of a beautiful morning.

on our way to........

Pine Island.........we anchored in this great place...........we saw manatees, dolphins and rays jumping out of the water!!!!!!!!  And the closer we get to Melbourne we find we are more intent on sunsets and sunrises!!!!!

Manatee Pocket

We went back to Manatee Pocket to have Mack Sails measure Grey Hound....for a new main and jib.   As you have probably have gathered we really need them............But we always have umbrella material and Gorilla Glue!!!   ;-)


We anchored in Lake Peck off the ICW and it was a really cool spot.  The really great thing about it was all we had to do is dinghy ashore and walk just a little ways and we were on this fantastic beach with nothing on it.  Enjoy these pics  'cause the Atlantic is something else!!!!!!


and don't get in the way of this vessel...............

on the way to Lake Peck

We're still on our northern mission but on the way we crossed Jupiter Inlet and we thought this lighthouse was really cool...........

Lake Worth

After our main-blowing sail we anchored in Lake Worth for the night and we saw this really nice Chris White 48' design............