Sunday, October 31, 2010

Skinny water.........

As she sits GH is in about 3' (maybe even a little less) of water at low tide. Here is a shot off our port side about 50'....... we think Bambi may be joining us soon!! Dave A if you were here venison would have been on the menu tonight!

N 3846.65 W 07613.95

Also known as San Domingo Creek, the back door to St. Michael's, Md. Grey Hound is now lying about as far up the creek as you can go. It's a beautiful, very protected spot no distance at all from the south side of St. Michael's. It is the same creek that James Michener had a house on while writing 'Chesapeake' and it's easy to guess were he got his inspiration from. The sounds and sights around here are beautiful!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Adios, Knapp Narrows

Grey Hound is heading east!

Darcie J

How's this for a new spelling of your name?


Does anybody get this?

Hey Van Den Berg!!!!!!

Get with the program!!!!!! We had cocktails last night on Old Sam a Cabot 36 out of Lunenburg, NS. We had a great time with Don and Sue sipping their rum. Well, it turns out Old Sam is named for a certain Nova Scotia medicine that sailors have a weakness for. Long story short Old Sam has not only rum of the same name on board but they have t-shirts, ball caps, jackets and a flag to fly as well!! Sue wrote the company and they gave them lots of good stuff!! SOOO, where are your Screech shirts and don't forget our ration Screech grog as well!!! ;-0

Think we'll write Old Sam the company and see if we can get t-shirts too!

Thanks for the great time Sue & Don! Hope our paths cross again!

Back in the day..

On the water and land..........

Skipjack's still working.

Knapp Narrows on Tilghman's Island

We planned on one night at Knapp's Narrows on the floating dock but it ended up to be two since it was blowing the "squirrels out of the trees" from the northwest.

Knapp's Narrows and it surrounds is home for a very active fleet of "waterman" and their vessels. It's really nice to see these guys still doing what there families have done for generations!

On the move

We're heading south towards the Choptank to get there it was through Kent Narrows..... Kent Narrows has a very narrow channel and an approach with quite a current! What you see is a fixed bridge ht. 65' and behind it a bascule bridge.....hope that bascule is wide enough........ it was ........48' wide...... 12 ft to spare on either side!

Lynx at anchor

Sailing out of the Chester, we came across the schooner Lynx anchored. Just sitting what an impressive vessel she is!! Maybe someday we'll be lucky enough to see her cruising under full sail and try to give her a run for her money!! ;-)

Sunset on Davis Creek

Beautiful!! Oh yeah, the temperature was 70 degrees and we sat in the cockpit for the evening.

Langford Creek Marina

What a nicely set-up marina!! It offers mooring balls as well as docks, pump out and gas. Among it's many amenities for their customers they offer the use of a swimming pool, beautiful sitting area, a pavilion for gatherings as well as a free scheduled shuttle to Rock Hall about 5 miles away! Also a very well supplied ship's store and small shop for "light provisions" with ice cream!

We bought gas, got pumped out and filled the water tank and were able to "put the trash out" for the price of gas!!! $10.94 to be exact!! We definitely will come back here !

Up the Chester River

On Monday we sailed north from Queenstown towards Cacaway Island off Langford Creek to Davis Creek. Here we spent several nights. There wasn't alot of cell coverage so we're finally catching up with our posts!


While in Queenstown we got a surprise visit from Marty and Cathy of F24"A" Dream Chaser. They were heading home from a trip to the Outer Banks and came by to say hi. We had a great time hanging out on GH, going out to dinner and boy 'o boy!!!!! they brought us lots of treats! We even have some fall decor! Now we are very festive for Halloweeen!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Qweenstown, Md

A step back in time!!! We anchored in Qweenstown Creek off the Chester River to check out the town. It's beautiful spot, a quaint old "waterman's" town with not much more then fishing boats, a post office and a cafe.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Upwind down the Chesapeake!?!

Grey Hound sailed off her anchor on Saturday after an aborted attempt on Friday to head south..... can you say square, steep chop ? ^^^^^ BUT, GH gave us a great upwind cruise from the Sassafras to the Chester River ! What a sail! There weren't alot of upwind boats (imagine that) but we were trucking upwind between 8-12 knts against current. We had a number of boats hail us as we were clawing upwind........ sailors radioed GH "upwind trimaran this is la Vita.... your tack was impressive, how fast are you going? Just wanted to compliment you! Have a nice sail!"

We saw Tri Dreamin' a Contour 34 with Terry & Clint (or Sue if you like!) out on the bay looking fast and sleek... with any luck we'll be able to hook up with them in the future.

Saturday was 51 nm sail with 27 tacks. Departure time was 10:30am at anchor in Queenstown Creek 4:40-5ish........ What a day!

Oh yeah!! Did we say "thank you" Cooper Canvas again!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Can you believe this is the first moonrise we've seen on the water since Florida? Oh well, better late than never.........................

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Swiss Cruising Club

OK, I'm doing the laundry........ hhmmuh, and the Swiss Cruising Club comes into GYB.......they are sailing an Ovni 455!! We have been interested in this boat for it's shallow draft and it's "drying out" ability...................."Drying out" is when a boat can sit on her bottom and let the tide come in and out and she can just sit. Anyway these Swiss guys have a good thing going on!

Thank you, Lucas! and Sally, Maya, Mark and Sally!

We thoroughly enjoyed the gin & tonic and you're company! Thank you for welcoming us aboard the Ovni...........with any luck our paths will cross again!!!!!

A Sassafras delight!

We have spent two nights in Georgetown Yacht Basin and it is an excellent haven for boats of every kind but for multihulls it is the best!!!!! The lift can handle boats from a Chris White 57 to a monohull or power vessel up to 110 tons! That's alot of Grey Hound's ;-). Anyways this is a "most excellent" joint/ marina! If you are not happy here........HUH?.......we think the management will just try harder....... GYB has the best hot showers!!!! and really great restaurants with real people! The price for a very secure ball is a no-brainer and they even supply a water taxi! We'll be back!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Woodland Creek

Grey Hound is now lying in Woodland Creek off the Sassafras River. The Chesapeake is just a beautiful place in the fall!! Well worth a little chilly temperatures (but not even close to CNY).
The holding is Great........ we have wildlife and scenery. Now, if Dick only knew how to fish! ;-)

ps what's that orange stuff in the bottom of the GH pix?

A really cool neighbor!

As we were having coffee and bagels for breakfast we noticed this guy just hanging off to our starboard. We're pretty sure he would have preferred lox of the live variety but oh well!! Beautiful none the less!!! We're always trying to catch these guys on film and just seeing them thrive in the wild is Priceless!!

Good Evening, Still Pond Creek!

Aaahh!! The first really nice sunset of Chesapeake 2010.

Ya' never know..........

What you'll find in an off the track anchorage. Yup, here she is Alacrity a 48 foot Dick Newick tri. She has an offshore pedigree and certainly looks fast!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Does anyone have a clue? All we wanted to do is watch the Philly's game.... and we ended up having a great happy hour with Mike & Grace ............. they are just the BEST!!!!!!!!!!

what a view from the front porch!

Kismet calls!!!

Kismet is in the Bay!!!!!!

Grey Hound will always give chase to "Kissey"

and once again GH sails upwind. We're on a mission. Grey Hound arrives in Still Pond Creek around noon and we are with our friends. ----- now , keep in mind Kissy has been stylin' at a dock here! Thanks to really good people!

The Magothy River

After kicking Gazelle's butt ;-), GH spent the night in a small bay north of Gibson Island. A beautiful spot, very protected with good holding.

Out cruising

We decided to head north. Why?!? We're not really sure but just like our friend, Otium, we seem to like sailing upwind..........

We sailed north for the Bay Bridge and that's when we encountered some stiff competition........YIKES!!!! a Gunboat 62! at somewhere north of $2.5mil (with a mast as tall as the Empire State building ;-0 ) she tacks for us to give chase. Good 'ol Grey Hound was far more motivated and the Gunboat never crossed our bow. Sorry Peter J, maybe next time.

Beautiful 'Naptown

Such a nice town and sooo much history!!