Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hobie Cat 16 Continentals

After Sugar Island we came towards Kingston and had a few good nights in the lee of Simcoe Island.  It ended up to be a nice anchorage with sand near shore.  After that we pulled into Olympic Harbor and caught up with a good many of our old Hobie friends while they help the Women's, Youth and Open events.  We had some good laughs and ended up being spectator boat for the week.  Fun time for all.  

Ah.....we're sailing again!

After a nice night in White's Bay (Henderson Harbor) we headed north to meet up with Otium in the islands.  On the way we got our first glimpse of the windmills on Wolfe Island.  While they may be needed today, the cutting down of beautiful trees and wrecking a nice landscape can't help us wonder if we are viewing a short term gain for a long term loss......who knows.

We caught up with Jeff & Cathy a Sugar Island and had a nice night on the hook.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

WELL......better later than never!

July 14th and we have just completed the first sail on Lake Ontario for 2009

 - First 49 miles on a cold 61.5 degree lake
 - First sail with our new Mack Sails
 - First sail with a reef in our new Mack Sail main
 - First anchor in White's Bay

The seas were a lot bigger than the forecast but we blasted through them, got a little wet but now we are NOT tied to a dock!!

Life if Good!!!