Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crossing Lake Ontario

Heading south one more time.....

The season is close to ending up north as it's getting pretty cold at night. We still had to get GH back to Fair Haven and things were a little crazy with the house selling, and 204 duty. We saw a window and we went for it.

Now "we" on this trip is defined as the Dick & Dick show. Yep, for the first time in over 9,000 miles (Anne and I crossed that milestone on the way to Binnacle) we had a new crew. I enlisted the Chief to help me bring GH back across the lake and we took advantage of a couple of nice days.

We pulled out of Clayton with little wind but by the time we hit 40 acres we had 8-9 knots in boat speed so we were happy. By the time we hit Cold Bath Shoal (not literally) we had 10-12 kts of speed so things were good. A wall in Confed basis was nice and we had a good night in Kingston.

The next day we headed west with a good west wind on our nose. GH powered up and the sail on the north side of Amherst Island was nice. Heading south on the east side of the island the Chief had her going at 17+ kts and she was looking very nice. Nobody was on the east side of Waupoos Island so we had a very quiet night.

The next day we headed across the lake and it was a pretty fast ride. With a tuck in the main we still went past 16 kts in pretty big seas..........yep, we got a little wet also. But, 4 and half hours later we were in Fair Haven.

So Dad, you have your 125 miles on Grey Hound in 2010! Hope you had fun!!!

A few missed posts..........the flying pontoon boat!

Ok, we're almost going to get back to normal soon. House........GONE. One thing out of the way.

When we were waiting for Bob, Steph and "T" we anchored out in front of Gan... and had a grandstand seat to a poker run start. Not having much of a clue what they were doing (other than kicking us off the public dock) we witnessed a start of one of the runs. CRAZY is what I'd say it is as all the boats took off with a roar and water flying everywhere! But wait.........what the heck is in the middle of all the Donzi's, Cigarette boats and other hot shot gas guzzlers.....yep, a good ole pontoon boat with everyone sitting in a row. Best of all.......they were keeping up with the best of them. Now that is one "cool" toaster!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


As of today we are free of "dry land"!!!!! It's been a summer of changes....... the end result is we are now eligible for the "homeless" flag. What the heck Grey Hound has been home for the last 2 years anyway. Pix and more ............ coming your way!

ps... WE ARE CELEBRATING TONIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Binnacle 2010

The crowd wasn't as big as last year but we had a great time. We especially missed the N'town crew and OMP & Cathy.

Teagan kept us all busy and the weather was great! Teagan is now one of the few 20 month old girls that has done 13.5 kts on a sailboat!!