Monday, July 25, 2011

Red sky in the morning.........

I would say this says it all........yep, it has rained and thundered most of today!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sunset at Clayton

We still do have good sunsets in the Thousand Islands!!!!!!

Grey Hound's first....."motor"

At least we got off the wind but we almost made it to an anchorage before a good old t-storm blew through.    +40 knots made  the only option putting her in neutral and drifting around for a few minutes but we eventually made it to one of our anchorages near Mulcaster Island.  Plenty of muddy sand and also plenty of bugs!  Yuck on northern bugs!!

Getting back to the hard work..............

We did work our butts off at getting Grey Hound back to ship shape.  I hope she knows how hard the work was but I do think it paid off........

Think she is ready for another season of sailing all over the northern hemisphere????

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Finally.........Grey Hound is splashed!

It seemed like it took forever but we got her done........last Thursday we pulled out of Bob, Steph & Teagan's homestead and headed north.  On the way we picked up the repaired dodger and bimini and managed to get her in the water in Clayton, NY before dark.  Now we have a sparkling clean and polished boat again.  She looks just like new......

Because of the short time period that we will be in the water up here we have worked up a deal to grab a mooring at Islander Marian for two months.  They have been real good to work with.  We won't be here for a long time so we better be here for a good time!

It feels good to be back at home on Grey Hound!!!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Out with the clean fresh hulls and stuff

We have finally started to give Grey Hound her a fresh water bath, her first real cleaning since last fall.  Most everything has been pulled out of the boat and Anne has the inside looking like new!  She can even get my stains out of the cushions!  The "Y" valve is now operational and nothing has been put back on board unless we deem it worth putting back on.  It's amazing how much "stuff" one accumulates over the coarse of a year living on a boat.  Jeff, the Super Sucker isn't going back on the boat.  It makes too much noise and and doesn't work worth it's weight!

The daggerboard has been pulled, scrubbed and new bottom paint is going on tomorrow.  Same with the rudder.   We have Woody waxed the nonskid and she is starting to look like new again.

Today is "Woody Wax the hulls" day......hopefully 3 coats on the whole boat.