Saturday, November 15, 2008

What a great boat!

We have now had Grey Hound 4 years this month!  She's done 4 summer seasons on Lake Ontario and this year she's carried us from Fair Point to the Chicago-Mac and the North Channel and the Chesapeake (her first salt water).  We've launched and retrieved her 8 times this year and yes, that means stepping  and lowering the mast 8 times!  She's carried us just over 6,000 nm in all and now we're looking forward to Florida, the Keys and the Bahamas!!

With any luck our poor 'ol sails will hold up!!   :-)

So long Naptown and Chesapeake Bay

We had a great time and will be back next year!

The Tug 'O War

On Sat, the 8th we met Amy and Brodie (the Wonder Dog) for the Tug 'O War across Spa Creek.  It's a battle of pride between Annapolis and the Maritime Republic of Eastport.  A few years back Samson Ropes really upped the ante and donated the official tugging line.  It's ~1700 ft long at a cost of $35,000 and is a least an inch and a half thick.  These folks take this serious!!!!  They have bands, food , entertainment and oh yeah,  the beer etc tent! All the proceeds go to numerous charities in the area.  Unfortunately Eastport lost in the tie breaking Tug-off but they didn't hang their heads.........There's always next year!!!  We had a blast with Amy and her friends Cara and Alice!

the goal.....Happy Hour at Davis' Pub

For as long as we've been coming to Annapolis we've wanted to have our boat in Back Creek and dinghy over to Davis' Pub.  Well to say the least mission accomplished!  Dick couldn't get "It" (the dinghy) fired up quick enough!

Back To Naptown

On Friday, Nov 7 we decided to pull out of Oxford and make our way north and west.  The wind was supposed to be 10-15 southwest but as our luck would have it,  it turned to mostly nothing out of the northwest.  We were only able to sail to Knapps Narrows (~8 nm) and then the rest was a motor.  Knapps Narrows is a short cut from the Choptank River to the Bay.  It's only about 1/2 mile long and cuts out 7 or so miles.  It's really a pretty interesting place with floating docks and a drawbridge.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oxford, Md & the Choptank River

After two nights in St Michaels we decided to sail on Sunday and made the call to head down to the Oxford area.  We had a good 44 mile run, dodged many crab pots and made it to Plaindealers Creek before the sun went down.  The anchorage was a great little spot and we saw tons of geese, an eagle, loons and an osprey.

After 3 days on the "hook" we decided to go over to Mears Marina for a day at the dock so we can use the shower (ah, nice!!), do some laundry and charge the batteries.  The Maryland sun is letting us down and besides we have another gale (this is getting old now) coming through the area.  We'll decide tomorrow what will be the next direction we head's getting late in the year down here now.

Oxford is a cool place.  Very laid back and quiet.  The boat "FOTO" was at the Cutts & Case Yacht Yard and it was the original boat used by Rosenfeld to take all those old Americas Cup photos of the J-boats of old.  She still has the original engine in her to this day!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dick pulling up anchor......

We'll be in St Michael's for today and tomorrow and will be heading south from here.  St Michael's is the home of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime museum and it 's a beautiful old town....a real combination of a working crabbing and fishing town as well as an attraction to tourists.

more photos of Granary Creek

Granary Creek leads into Wye Island where there is a Maryland nature preserve and is just full of old, old growth trees.   We're standing in front of a 275 year old holly tree!  Fantastic!

Granary Creek and St Michael's, Md

 We pulled out of Spa Creek around 11:am Monday morning (Oct 27) and had a great sail down the bay under head sail alone.  Even though we only had the head sail Grey hound managed to average 7-9 knots with top speed of 9.7 knots.  There was cold windy weather coming so we tucked into Granary Creek on the Wye River.  We stayed put there until yesterday because of high winds and cold temperatures..........but it was a great place to explore and the holding was rock solid even through some 40 knot gusts...........