Monday, September 28, 2009

Wrapping up our sailing on Lake Ontario

It has been a very short sailing season up here this year and the time at Fair Point is winding down. There are not many folks left at the marina and our dock partners have already headed south so the evenings at the marina are very quiet. Fall is definitely here. Cooper Canvas is doing a little more work for us and we'll have some new sun shades and new solar panel for the winter sailing season. Now all we have to do is get our butts down there!!

Right now we are watching Kismet and Kasidah on their blogs.........we'll be a little quiet until we can catch up!!! Stand by............

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ok, sorry for the delay....Binnacle was GREAT!

It was my fault that the computer was left in GHP so we had no coverage for over 2 weeks. We did however have a super time with all the family and friends that showed up this year. We'll work on some of the stories over the next few days but in summary we had:

- something like 45 people show up
- Pasta night fed 20 nuts for a sit down dinner and was done by the Naptown 4
- Jack-son drove the Chief out of the Murray Suite with his snoring
-Jeff continued his cheating streak in the dinghy races
-someone we know got her hair wet for the first time in a long time


Teagan made about 45 more friends than ever before!!!!!!!!!!

& no Kim, she cannot date a American/French 15 month old hottie!!!

More updates to come.............