Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Melbourne, Fl

After a nice sail we anchored in Eau Gallie Basin and it was like old home week.  Almost to the day we were in here for our very first sail down the east coast 3 year ago.  The basin is small and some question the holding but we have a nice shallow spot right across from Eau Gallie Yacht Basin.  The marina is great and has allowed us to have showers and to moor the dinghy there.  Jean & Tom has lent us the "cougar " for a couple of days so we can do a good job at provisioning.

daylight version
The area is like a zoo at sunset!  We have our own manatee hanging out along with a couple of dolphins fishing nearby.  We also have ospreys everywhere, pelicans learning to fish (I am trying to get a video of this action), egrets all over and there is an owl somewhere.

Oh yes, the homes and boats are decorated for the holidays, we get to see it all!!

night version

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Distant Horizon said...

It sounds like a wonderful spot!
You aren't fishing for pelicans... are you?