Sunday, December 4, 2011

Recap of the last few days on Grey Hound

  • We just completed a 34 hour sail out of Georgetown, SC, out into the North Atlantic and tried for Jacksonville, FL.  The winds did not cooperate and we decided to sail to St Simon Inlet instead.  The sail ended up to be approx. 210 miles and was our first (by ourselves) ocean overnight.  It was cold for most of the time (we slept in foul weather gear) and the wind was up and down.  The seas, particularly early were pretty good size.  GH handled them great and there was no time that we felt unsafe.  When the moon set at midnight the night was as dark as any we can remember.  We saw no other sailing boats, but a number of freighters went by us.  We did hear one boat call our friends on Windward.  We tried to take a number of videos of the dolphins as they swam all around us many times but they didn't come out at all.  We will need a better camera for that.
  • Anne saw all the shooting stars at night and even saw a comet go across the sky.  Somehow I lucked out and slept through every one??!!
  • The sail saved us about 75 miles and 4 or 5 days since we didn't have to motor down the ICW.
  • At Jekyll Island Marina we had a good nights sleep after hot showers and a quick dinner at the local restaurant.  The heater was on all night and we slept very well.  In the morning we headed over to Cumberland Island and decided at the last minute to anchor in Brickhill River for a night as the wind would have made Fernandina Beach pretty rough.
  • In the morning we motored down the river, passed by the sub base on the St Mary's River and grabbed a mooring ball at Fernandina Beach.  
  • Tomorrow I am putting on shorts!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Our last few anchorages are as follows:
    • N 34.02.972     W 077.53.365
    • N 33.52.346     W 078.34.174
    • N 33.30.545     W 079.08.761
  • The anchorages have been very good holding.  Thank you "Mr Spade Anchor"!!  Also the extra chain does not hurt either.  Our last anchorage had a tide of over 6 feet!!
  • From the Chesapeake to the Florida border we have used 32 gallons of gas.  
Georgetown Lighthouse

The sun setting at sea

Sunset at Jekyll Island Marina

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Distant Horizon said...

This is a fabulous sunset! Thanks for sharing. As usual, I have to live my winter through your posts. :-)