Sunday, December 4, 2011

Oh so close......

When we got back to the boat this afternoon we had our new neighbor come for a visit.  We told them if they open the drapes and hand over the popcorn then we would be set.  With the current and the wind we actually got as close as 10 feet and then we pulled the bridle up tight and put the daggerboard down.  The tide will turn at 10pm and then we can go to sleep.

What does a 39 foot trawler have in common with a 3,500 lb trimaran?

Caution:  objects can and will  appear closer then they are!

Hi nieghbor....pass the popcorn!


Distant Horizon said...

Wow. They cut that pretty close. As long as what the two boats have in common isn't the same space, I guess it's all good. :)

Grey Hound said...

Yup, you are absolutely right,Kevin two boats trying to occupy the same space is not good! But it all worked out. We met some really nice people on Journey and now we'll be getting together for cocktails soon! Aaahhh, the friends you meet while you"re cruising!