Wednesday, December 14, 2011

There is one constant in coastal sailing..........

.................make sure all plans are in pencil!  Things will continue to change and they did the following day.

We catch the 10:30 bridge to head out to the inlet and when we get there all we see is white.  As in white, large breaking waves covering the entire inlet.  We have already enjoyed Winah Bay Inlet along with St Andrews Inlet and were really thrilled about another wet, bumpy, "lets toss everything in the air" Inlet so we turned around and headed south the "other" way, as in the ICW.  The sailing isn't as much fun but it is still enjoyable to see the landscape, particularly since this is our first time.  As a side note when we caught the 11:00am bridge the other way a boat moored next to us the night before went out and a half hour later I called them.   They did go out but had already decided we made the better choice.  They said it was very ugly and would have come back but once in the current going out they had no choice but to keep going.

We did get to go by Fort Mantanzas on the way south.  It is supposed to be a cool visit but that will have to be another time.

We end up in Sea Ray cut for the night.  The Sea Ray factory is right on the water so it was interesting just to see the boats in the water.  We did have a very peaceful and quiet night.

The next day we did a long run on the inside (63 miles) and like normal we always see rather unique living arrangements.  Now this boat had no roadside dwelling near it and it appeared to be basically tied to a few stakes in the ground.  But it seemed to be home to someone!

Just at dusk we pulled behind a railroad bridge near Titusville for the night.  Unknown to us at the time we picked a very nice place for the night as we were able to see a beautiful moonrise and in the morning we also had a nice sunrise.  The huge building in the sunrise is the Kennedy Space Center and a launch platform (I'm assuming for the shuttle) is beside it.

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