Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas!

The Chief & Millie came into town for a few days and we did as we said............tried to eat our way through Stuart!  Not sure if we accomplished it but I feel 10 lbs. heavier!

On the day after Christmas the marina put on a brunch for the cruisers.  Someone in the marina has a son who is a chef locally and he wanted to put on the meal & what a brunch it was!!

 - Shrimp & grits (the best ever & I think a Binnacle must have!!)
 - Eggs with prosciutto
 - Fruit of all kinds
 - Sawmill biscuits and gravy (again the best!!)
 - Drinks with vodka (your choice chocolate or whip cream)
 - Croissants
 - Scones
 - and much, much more than you can ever eat.........lots of fun for everyone!!

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